Wensley Clarkson

There is an interesting new book just been published and is being serialised in the Sunday People called 'Gangsters'.

It claims to to lift the lid on Britains £10billion crime Industry.

The book goes on to detail the new breed of criminal who are more dangerous and vicious than the Krays or Richardsons ever were.

One story relates to two Islington crime families, the Reillys and the infamous Adams family.

Georgie Reilly an armed robber had been insulted in front of his wife by one of the Adamses henchmen...he ran home, armed himself with a gun and went looking for him.

Patsy Adams heard about the incident and decided that Georgie wasn't going to get away with such open disregard for the family that 'made the Krays look like muggers'.

Patsy Adams strolled into the Prince Alfred pub owned by the Reillys knowing full well that the Reillys would turn up mob handed.

Soon a red BMW pulled in to Huntingdon street ready to take out Patsy Adams.

Patsy, however was not alone. Concealed at a junction close to the pub were two car loads of armed nutters.

A gang battle ensued. Residents were running for cover as bullets bounced off walls and pavements.

The bullet ridden BMW reversed shotguns blazing from the windows and sped off.

Amazingly no one was hurt.

The BMW was traced back to club owner Johnny Reilly who received 30 months for violent conduct.

This gun battle was not about territory it was about pride...and pride can be a dangerous thing.

For more stories on modern day criminals get Gangsters by Wensley Clarkson.