Ronnie Biggs seriously ill 14/8/01

A Headstone for Charlie 12/8/01
Happy Birthday to Ronnie Biggs
Charlie Bronson accuses Steve Richards of ripping of his charity! 8/8/01

Ronnie Biggs seriously ill 14/8/01

Ronnie Biggs was taken from Belmarsh High security prison yesterday after haemorrhaging and losing 3 pints of blood.

He was taken to a military hospital in Woolwich, South East London, where he was traeted for a fourth stroke two months ago.

Ronnie cannot speak and can only communicate through the use of a keypad.

The authorities are keeping Ron in prison to prove a point...what it is I can only guess.

The message that it sends out to me is, you can deliberately take a human life, you can molest little kids, you can rape any woman of your choice, but if you steal our money we will not rest until you have paid in full!

Ronnie is a wasted man, using up unnecessary prison resources and placing an extra burden on the taxpayer.

Do us all a favour and release him now...

Keep battling Ron have a good man in your corner...your son Michael...who has been your pillar of strength for many years....I hope to see you a free man!

A Headstone for Charlie 12/8/01

London's old time gangsters gathered once again at Chingford Mount cemetary to pay their respects to Charlie Kray and to see his new headstone installed.

In attendance were Freddie Foreman, Tony Lambrianou one of the Kray firm, Roy Shaw, Joey Pile, Wilf Pine a great friend of both Reg and Roberta, and Johnny Nash a North London crime boss.

An event was held some weeks ago at Dave Courtney's pub to raise the money for the new headstone. It was well supported and a big thanks goes out to all involved.

Happy Birthday to Ronnie Biggs who was 72 yesterday on 8/8/2001

It was also the anniversary of the Great Train Robbery. Ron must have thought that all his birthdays came together on that memorable day!

He is now paying a terrible price for his involvement in the biggest robbery of all time (at the time). He is a man waiting to die and the authorities are helping squeeze the last bit of life from him. Lets hope that they will relent and let him have a last taste of freedom.

Write to Ronnie Biggs!

Date: 26/5/2001

Mike Biggs has visited his father Ronnie in prison and he was still in a "stable" condition despite speculations by the press that he is fit and well and looks like living another 10 years.

Ron is a very sick man locked up in one of Britains' top security prisons. He is appealing against his original 30 year sentence for his part in the Great Train Robbery. But as we have learned in the past this process can take months...and in Ron's case who knows how long it will take!

He could do with some support so if you want to write to him send your letters to:

Ronald A.Biggs
Hospital Wing H.M.P. Belmarsh
Western Way
London SE 28 OEB

Please pass on my

Another Kray Dies!

Date: Sun, 20 May 2001

I have just received news that the Krays Aunt, Francis Kray has died.
Her grandson Barry who moved to America sent me the following mail:

"Ron and Reggie's uncle, William Kray, died back in 1990. His wife, my Nan, Francis Kray died in the early hours of Sunday morning. Only last week I was chatting to her about her visit here. I moved to New York City a number of years ago. She used to come once a year over the Thanksgiving weekend for a visit. She was a typical Kray in the sense that she was tough and took no nonsense from anybody. She will be dearly missed."

Condolences to Barry and his family....

I will keep you posted on any new info

Letter To Chris Tarrant

In response to your Ronnie Biggs remarks:

Dear Chris Tarrant, I listen to your radio show every morning and on the whole find it quite entertaining.

But your recent verbal campaign against Ronnie Biggs seems to be overstepping the line.

Since the news was heard that he would be returning to England you have done nothing else but slag him off.

Although we are all entitled to our opinions and even poke fun and maybe have a laugh at other peoples expenses we have to draw the line as to how far we can take this verbal abuse.

Your spoof ad 'Ronnie Biggs Holidays'was amusing to a point....but when you say that Ronnie Biggs "is an evil, law breaking parasite" then you have to be able to defend these remarks....

Whether or not he is a parasite, that is a matter of opinion.

To the remark that he is a law breaker, that is a matter of fact.

But to say that he is evil is totally abusing your position as a radio presenter.

On what basis do you make that claim?...What evil deeds has he commited?

You have said that he should rot in prison...
A man commits one crime...robbery...and you believe he should spend the rest of his life locked up...

People in your position, who broadcast to the public are aware what influence you have on the public and how they should therefore make sure that what you are saying is correct and true. Until recently there has been no real effective way for people like Ronnie Biggs of responding to stories that are either, untrue, highly exaggerated or downright lies but with the advent of the web they now have that platform..... And people like me to implement it....

Although I believe in free speech I also believe we have to be answerable for that unless you can substantiate your claim that he is evil then I think it is more than appropriate for you to publicly apologise on your show for the unfounded remark that you have made. I will post this email on my web site (the site that led the web campaign for the release of Reg Kray) and hopefully your response along side it....Regards...Mick Gallagher tel 020 7837 5307

Ron Biggs to return to England!

It looks like Ron will soon be leaving Rio to Return to England after 35 years on the run.

A private plane chartered by the Sun newspaper has just landed in South America with his old friend Bruce Reynolds on board.

Bruce was mastermind of the Great Train Robbery and responsible for getting Ronnie Biggs involved in the greatest robbery of the century.... Bruce has long since finished his 30 year prison sentence and is now a very successful Author....
Ronnie on the other hand served only 15 months of his 30 year sentence before escaping.

His return to England was prompted mainly by his deteriorating health.... having suffered 3 strokes and now rendered speechless..... Jack Slipper, retired detective who tried to bring Ronnie back from Brazil in 1974 said that if he returns he should be arrested and sent to prison....But because of his ill health it should be an open prison.....

There is no disputing the fact that Ronnie broke the law and is an escaped criminal and the British Authorities have no choice but to arrest him on arrival. But whether he should be kept in prison to finish his original sentence is another kettle of fish.

Although he broke the law, the main reason that he escaped and continued to outsmart the british police was because of the 30 year prison sentence imposed on him and others on the robbery...The sentence was one of the harshest ever given for crimes of this nature...... Anyone in their right mind would have done the same thing.....and particularly in Ron's case...when others on the train robbery considered his role to be more of a tea boy in comparison to others on the job.A hell of a price for a cup of tea!!!!!

I think Ron has come back to die ....let him do so in peace...
Others say the law is the law and he should be punished...well that's okay.....but didn't we see New Labour change these rules for Irish terrorists when they held an amnesty (under the Northern Ireland Agreement) for all those Ira and Loyalist terrorists who had escaped from prisons or were on the run from being arrested.....

To the others who say, "why should he come back and sponge off the National Health Service when I have worked hard all my life and paid my taxes"....
Why can we not offer this to a man who is very sick...when we allow every other Tom Dick or Hussain the use of our National Health Service?

We have to have some compassion....It may not be the correct thing to do...letting Ron spend his last days in peace....but it would be right!

We saw the authorities get more than their pound of flesh with Reg Kray.....lets not do the same for Ronnie Biggs.....


It hasn't taken long for the rumours to start up again, there have been various unfounded and ridiculous stories over the past few weeks. Today, the News of the World's columnist Rav joins in with a claim from Tony Lambrianou that film director Guy Ritchie visited Reg secretly while he was in hospital to discuss a new Kray movie.

Roberta Kray said: "I'm sure reading this article provided as big a surprise for Guy Ritchie as it did for me. Mr Ritchie never visited Reg at the hospital. They never met or even talked to each other at any time. I'm surprised Tony Lambrianou insists that they did; he's either very ill-informed or is being deliberately misleading, perhaps both. Whatever his motivation, the story is untrue.

These rumours seem to be endless. There was no shortage of people trying to exploit Reg's name while he was alive, and they are continuing with the same insensitive enthusiasm now that he is dead. It's distressing, especially at this time, to have to read such rubbish. Reg did not spend his final weeks in hospital having meetings and discussions; he spent them battling against an illness that was to end his life."


Reg would have been 67 years old on the 24th October 2000. Sadly, it is a birthday he will not be here to celebrate. He will be missed for all the right reasons - not for his reputation or his past but for his love, loyalty and kindness towards those who were close to him. Happy Birthday Reg. God Bless.

ps. not forgetting Ron!

THANK YOU.... from Roberta Kray

I would like to say thank you for all the messages of sympathy and condolence on the death of my husband.

Reg always appreciated the support that was shown during his protracted years of imprisonment. Through letters, phone calls and visits he made many new friends and their interest and affection, together with that of old companions, sustained him through difficult times.

Those who knew Reg knew a different man to the one who was so often portrayed by the media. He was not an angel but was far from being a devil. He was a man of incredible spirit, warmth, humour, and compassion. He tried to make the best of every day and faced each day, even in illness, with courage and dignity.

There is much that could be said about the length of his sentence and the associated political skulduggery, but this is not the time or the place. Suffice to say there is no justice without mercy and the final "mercy" shown to Reg came only with the knowledge of his imminent death.

There have been many things written about Reg Kray in the past and there will surely be many more in the future. Reg's real legacy, however, will lie not in other people's words but in the hearts and souls of everyone who loved him.

In the words that Reg himself always used

God Bless,..........Roberta Kray


'A WAY OF LIFE' Reg Kray

A Way of Life, Reg's recollections of his thirty-two years in prison, was recently published by Sidgwick & Jackson. Many have claimed a stake in the Kray legend, but only Reg Kray could write of his own life with authority. In A Way of Life we come to understand the Reg Kray of 2000, not the 1960s, and how his later life relates to his past. We see the anguish of the prison system, but also Reg's remarkable influence on many fellow inmates and how he handled enforced relationships with characters who ranged from Lennie McLean to the Great Train Robbers, John McVicar to the Yorkshire Ripper, Frankie Fraser to Ian Brady, with frank reflections on the penalties of crime.

Written while he was still in prison awaiting parole, Reg speaks for the first time in his own words of his marriage to Roberta, of his relationships with his brothers Ron and Charlie, of his last moments with them and of their funerals.

A document for future generations, A Way of Life, puts many misconceptions straight.

"The story I am about to tell is terrible. For the sake of the young who I'd like to deter from going to prison, I promised myself I'd write all the truth in this book, the good experiences and the bad.

This book is a recollection of all my prison years. Included are memories of love, loyalty, friendship, intrigue, betrayal, treachery, violence, laughter and tears, not necessarily in that order. This story is of a journey that takes place over a period of more than thirty years &"

Sidgwick & Jackson £15.99

Funeral Arrangement

Thank you all for your overwhelming messages of support to the website...they have helped Roberta these last few days just as much as they have helped Reg in his later months.......

The funeral will take place on Wednesday 11th of October 2000.

The funeral procession will leave from W. English's of Bethnal Green Road at approx 11.15 and will pass through areas of the East End that once used to be Reg's stamping ground before making it's way to St Matthews Church for about 12 am.

St Matthews Church is only about 500 yards from the undertakers but the actual route to the church will pass down Vallance road where the family used to live...and the famous Repton boxing club where they used to box.

After the service the procession will proceed to Chingford Mount cemetery, about if you are going to the cemetery I would be there earlier.

I have been asked if any special arrangements have been made for the KSC supporters club but because of the enormity of events this hasn't been possible but I am sure that Reg would want you there showing as ever your tremendous support........

Flowers (and cards) for Reg can be sent to:

Bethnal Green Road.E2.

The nearest tube station to St Matthews Church is Bethnal Green on the Central Line.

Also anyone that has ordered merchandise and not received it please be patient as all orders will be honoured......

Once again thanks for your tremendous support


Reggie Kray has died in his sleep after losing his battle to beat inoperable cancer.

His brief spell of freedom was spent with his wife Roberta in a hotel in Norwich close to the hospital that diagnosed his illness. He was 66 years old.

My heart goes out to Roberta and and to his friends and family who fought so hard for his release....Rest in Peace Reg 1/10/2000


Reg would like to sincerely thank everyone for the thousands of cards and letters sent to him over recent weeks. They are a continued source of strength and determination on Reg's part. He never ceases to be amazed at the wealth and diversity of support he receives from all over the world.

Although Reg's condition remains serious, with no real likelihood of improvement, he is determined, as always, to make the best of what he has. He is enjoying spending some real quality time with his wife Roberta in the tranquil surroundings of the Town House hotel on The Norfolk Broads.

Best wishes to you all,

Rob Ferguson - Kray Kampaign.


This record is a limited edition CD andis available now.

It is a project we have been working on for about a year, and one which Reg is particularly keen to see completed. It has been an ambition of Reg's for many years to see some of his lyrics and recitals released on a CD.

The project is being co-ordinated by Rob Ferguson with input from both Reg & Roberta.

Greg Bone is a well known Musician and Producer who has previously worked with the likes of, The Pet Shop Boys, Simply Red, Take That, Tom Jones, Sting, Kylie Minogue & Westlife.

The opportunity to acquire this unique CD must not be missed....

Check out the memorabilia page.

More info

The message below to Norfolk and Norwich Hospital no longer applies and is kept here only as part of archive!


Could anyone who wishes to send any messages to Reggie please write to him

C/o the Norfolk and Norwich Hospital
Brunswick Road

As the number of calls being received by the Hospital Switchboard is causing
a great strain on the switchboard staff and may also prevent urgent calls
getting through.
Thank you very much for your help.


Bob Atkinson Norfolk and Norwich Hospital


Jack Straw has at last agreed to the early release of Reg from his prison sentence. This release has been granted because of Reg's current health problems. He has cancer that will not respond to chemotherapy and is inoperable.

Although this is what we have been fighting for, for so long, the circumstances under which it has been given is tinged with sadness.

Please keep checking the web site for the latest on Reg


We have received the results of Reg's tests and we are sad to report that cancer has been confirmed.
The obstruction removed from the small intestine is a secondary growth and we are awaiting further scans to determine the cause.
Reg's solicitor Trevor Linn will be applying for compassionate parole, on his behalf, to the Home Secretary.
Reg has now served 32 years in prison.
In the light of this and of the severity of his illness, we are hoping he will be granted his long awaited freedom.
Reg and I would like to thank the many people who have expressed their support ans sent their good wishes and also the staff of the Norfolk and Norwich hospital for their excellent care and all their consideration.
Roberta Kray.....

Just to try and reassure you all about Reg....

He has undergone an operation to remove a blockage in his intestine...part of it has been removed and initial investigations indicate that it is not a tumour...He is now recovering in hospital in Norfolk....It is hoped now, considering his health that the Parole Board will look favourably at Reg's case....Roberta has made a public statement which has been broadcast by many television stations....keep an eye out for her......And wish Reg a speedy recovery and an even speedier release from his continued imprisonment


Due to ill health, Reg has been transferred to Norwich prison hospital for observation and further tests. (thursday/28/7/00) We will keep you informed of his progress


Does anyone know the whereabouts of Christine Boyce who knew Reg in the 60s? We would like to contact her. Please e-mail if you have any information.

A message for Mike Tyson from Reg

My friend, Mike Tyson, accept my condolences at the loss of your friend.
And thanks once again for remembering me on tv, after your fight in Scotland. You are in my thoughts and prayers.
God bless, your friend....Reg Kray

Thanks to Belmarsh Prison and Bethnal Green Police Station

I would like to thank the staff and in-mates of Belmarsh prison for their kindness and hospitality when I stopped over on the day of Charlie's funeral and also a big thank you to Bethnal Green police station for their hospitality for my two visits in one day...Reg Kray

Great Day for a Funeral

If there was ever a great day for a funeral, the day they buried Charlie Kray was it.

The morning started off wet and windy but by the time we had gathered outside W English the undertakers, the sun had broken through to reveal the most glorious of days.

Hundreds of people packed the pavements and rooftops surrounding the funeral parlour to say their last goodbyes to Charlie Kray but also to get a glimpse of his brother Reg who has spent the last 32 years of his life in prison.

The funeral cars were overflowing with flowers, one, a broken heart from Charlie's girlfriend, Diane Buffini which read "To my darling Charlie, with my eyes wide open, am I dreaming, can it be time?" A boxing ring of flowers from his brother read "Dear Charlie, rest in peace, Love Reg and Rob" and 3ft high boxing gloves were sent from his friends on C Wing in Parkhurst Prison.
On one side of the hearse that would carry Charlie's body were the words "GENTLEMAN" and on the other side "CHARLIE" spelled out with white carnations.

Reg arrived just after 11 o'clock to applause and cheers from the crowds.
66 year old Reg looked remarkably fit for a man that has been behind bars for so long. He looked very smart in his double-breasted suit despite the heavy-duty handcuffs that manacled him to his female guard and restricted his movements.

All traffic was halted as the hearse containing Charlie's body moved slowly down Bethnal Green Road towards St Matthews Church, followed by Reg in his prisoner transporter and 15 black cars. However this short trip of a few hundred yards was not without drama. The procession was held up for about 10 minutes because of a gas leak which left many of the shops without power for the rest of the day.

Old friends turned up to pay their last respects including former gang associates Tony Lambrianou, Freddie Foreman and Eric Mason as well as old adversaries Frankie Fraser and Charlie Richardson, putting their past quarrels firmly behind them. In fact Frankie Fraser believes that Reg is a victim of his own notoriety and speaks out for his release at every opportunity.

Dave Courtney was also there keeping a low profile as only he can do, with his white 'Bad Boy 1' Rolls Royce and motorbike outriders.

There was standing room only in the church with many hundreds more outside.
The Reverend John Scott held the service, with an address from Father Ken Rimini who Charlie had introduced to boxing when he was a boy.
Needless to say their lives took very different paths but he remembers Charlie as "a caring gentle man."
There were readings by Jamie Foreman and Sue McGibbon and also a recording by Reg called 'I am not there'. It was recorded for his own funeral but dedicated it to Charlie on this sad day.

My daughter Vicky and me shared a black car with Frankie Fraser and his girlfriend Marilyn Wisbey on the long, slow journey to the cemetery.

As the procession passed through Walthamstow on its way to Chingford Mount the crowds began to swell. Police Motorcycles guided the funeral cars through the mid-day traffic as a hovering helicopter kept a watchful eye on the proceeding cavalcade.
Bystanders were shouting out "God bless Charlie" and "Good luck Reg".
One little boy on seeing the cortege said, " It must be somebody to do with the police."

As we approached Chingford Mount the Reverend John Scott walked 'the long walk' from the bottom of the hill to the cemetery where thousands of people had now gathered to get their last look at Charlie, "a true gentleman."

Reg laid flowers at his mother's and first wife's graves before Charlie's body was lowered into its last resting-place.
Diane, Reg, Roberta and the rest of the family each threw a single rose into the space that now held Charlie's coffin.

Reg looked very composed and dignified but you could see the sadness in his eyes. This sadness soon turning to joy as old friends clambered to shake his hand before being taken back into 'captivity'.

The limousine that took us on that slow journey to Chingford seemed to transport us instantly back to whence we came.
The streets around W English were now back to relative normality, everyone going about their daily business with no real indication of what had taken place earlier.

After leaving Frank and Marilyn, Vicky and me stopped off at McDonalds for a cup of tea and a burger. The gas leak that had briefly halted the funeral procession was now more evident. The burger bar was running on generators and they were certainly not" cooking on gas."
They eventually managed to rustle up some burgers and while I flicked through the Evening Standard that had already reported on the early part of the funeral, I had time to reflect on the day's events.
And the one thing that struck me was that it had always been said the Krays prospered through fear and intimidation but this was not about fear, the people that lined the streets from Bethnal Green to Chingford Mount were there because of respect …respect for old values that now seem to be a thing of the past.

I pass on my respects to the Kray family for their sad loss but also hope that now is the time for the authorities to show some compassion and release Reg before he too suffers the fate of his two brothers, Ronnie and Charlie.

Mick Gallagher


Flowers for Charlie can be sent to:
Bethnal Green Road.E2.

If you would prefer to send a donation to St. Christopher's Hospice then please make a cheque out to
St.Christopher's Hospice and send it to:
Bethnal Green Road.E2.

The nearest tube station to St Matthews Church is Bethnal Green on the Central Line.



The funeral of Charlie Kray will take place on wednesday 19th of April. Charlie's body will be taken form the undertakers, English and Sons in Bethnal Green road to St Matthews church where a service will be held at 12am.

The burial will take place at Chingford cemetery, Chingford between 2 and 2.30pm.

Reg is now back in Wayland prison so any messages of support for him or Charlie's family can be sent to:

Reg Kray



In a recent newspaper report (6/4/2000) it was implied that Dave Courtney would be handling the security arrangements for Charlie Kray's funeral.

Reg Kray wishes to refute this statement and also to add that Courtney, who he has not seen for 15 months, will not be taking part in any way whatsover with the funeral arrangements.

All aspects of Charlie's funeral, including security, will be handled by Reg himself.


"Charlie put up a brave fight as I knew he would and I am pleased that at the end he went peacefully".

"I would like to thank the staff of St Mary's hospital for their marvellous care and also the staff and inmates of Parkhurst prison for their compassion and consideraion.

Finally I would like to thank you all for your messages of sympathy and support. God Bless"..Reg Kray


The Death of Charlie Kray

It is with great regret that we have to report the death of Charlie Kray. He died at about nine pm on 4th of April 2000 after comnplications due to heart trouble.

He was serving a 12 year prison sentence in Parkhurst Prison on the Isle of Wight when he became ill. He was transferred to hospital where he spent the last 2 weeks before he passed away.

Reggie was transferred from Wayland Prison to Parkhurst so that he could be with his brother at this sad time.

Tributes for Charlie have been flooding in from all over the world.

If you would like to sign our book of condolence please click the link below


Best wishes from Barbara Windsor

Barbara Windsor, better known as Peggy Mitchell in Eastenders has passed on her concern for Charlie's health and wishes him a speedy recovery. Although Charlie is very poorly this message from his old friend has cheered him up considerably.

Charlie first met Barbara many years ago when she was playing in the 60's muscical 'Fings Aint wot they used to be'...

Reggie pays Charlie a visit

Reggie has been moved to Parkhurst on the Isle of Wight for a week so that he can visit his brother Charlie who is in hosptal receiving treatment for poor circulation. Seventy three year old Charlie has been in poor health for some time now and because of this the authorities agreed to let Reg see him.
He will be allowed to visit him daily and will then be returned to Wayland to await his parole hearing.
Let's hope that the pictures of Reg in some of today's sunday papers (19/3/2000) will quash any rumours that he himself is at death's door, as suggested by some sources recently.

We wish Charlie a speedy recovery and hope that he will not suffer the fate of his younger brother Ron.

Good luck to you Reg on your parole hearing and we are all keeping our fingers crosssed that this brief taste of freedom is the beginning of something more permanent!

REUNION JACQUES....18/3/2000

Hundreds of Reg's supporters from all over the world gathered at a little bar in Twickenham, London on saturday to have a drink and a laugh and to remember old times but also to raise money for the many charities supported by Reg.
There was a buffet, music and even a drink on the house!
As well as the usual raffle, Frankie Fraser held an auction of books and pictures by Reg which raised a lot of money.
When the bar closed at 12 0'clock everyone moved on to a local nightclub.

Although a great time was had by all, these events are always a reminder of Reg's continued imprisonment. Let's hope the next one will be a celebration!!!

Reggie Kray - Thirty Years And Rising

Piers Hernu of FRONT magazine recently wrote a preview article in the Guardian about the recent documentary 'Reggie Kray - Thirty Years And Rising'.
Piers, starred with Dave Courtney in another documentary called 'Between the covers' which took us on their 'Boys Own' escapade to secretly photograph and record Reg Kray in Wayland prison.
The article was written in an effort to try and repair some of the damage done by this documentary.

I asked Piers if he thought that the documentary was a mistake..This is what he had to say,,,,,

I didn't feel the whole episode was a great mistake. It was a bit of harmless fun for the cameras in order to give them a magazine related reason for them to follow me and Dave on our visit to Reggie. Dave and I both feel that in retrospect it was a thoughtless thing to do and we both regret any inconvenience caused to Reg who was nothing but the perfect gentleman to us on our visit.

Here is the Guardian article:

Reggie Kray - Thirty Years And Rising .....By Piers Hernu

 Next month is an important one for Reggie Kray. On March 5th back in 1969, Judge Melford Stevenson sentenced both him and his brother Ronnie to serve "a minimum of thirty years" for murder. Twenty six years later in 1995 Ronnie Kray died in Broadmoor mental hospital. Today, nearly 31 years later Reggie is still serving time in Waylands prison in Norfolk, a frightening high security red brick fortress &endash; I know it's frightening because I've done time there. It was actually only an about an hour but that was long enough. Since Reggie contributes a regular monthly column to frOnt magazine, I felt it only reasonable to pay him a visit last year. I found him to be polite, sane, opinionated and a voracious consumer of choc ices from the prison shop. Including remand, Reggie has now been eating prison food for nearly 32 years - next month the parole board meet to decide his fate.

When Mike Tyson was interviewed in the ring by Sky Sports following his recent pummeling of Julius Francis, his first words were "I'd like to thank Reginald Kray". The precise reason for Tyson's gratitude remains unclear but what is cut glass crystal in its clarity is that, for the government, the problem of Reggie Kray and what to do with him is one that simply refuses to go away. At this very moment for instance, one of the most popular bands in Britain, the aptly named Fun Loving Criminals, are slaving away over a hot mixing desk producing songs penned by Reggie Kray - tracks which when released, will only add to public awareness and the clamour for justice in the form of Reggie Kray's release.

So what part does television play in the debate? Tonight at ....on Channel Four we have Reggie Kray - 30 years and Rising - an hour long documentary which in it's fair and balanced assessment of the Krays stands in stark contrast to the two hour long documentaries namely The Krays - Unfinished Business made by Carlton and screened by ITV in the middle of January. In these, by means of a heady cocktail of dramatisation, speculation, eerie access to police, prison officers and even the convenient availability of secret files, Carlton contrived to paint a pantomime picture of the Krays so simplistically one sided as to be laughable were it not somewhat sinister. Now it would take a hardened cynic indeed, with no faith in the British justice system whatsoever to suggest that the makers of that documentary had a hidden agenda in portraying the Krays as such evil, psychopaths so near to Reggie's parole hearing. After all who, except the Home Office would want to turn public opinion against him at such a time and have the means, the wherewithal and moreover the motive to do so? Cuethe tumbleweed.

In tonight's documentary however we see, if not the other side of thestory, then at least a genuine attempt at uncovering the truth about the Krays - thereby (and some would say unwisely) allowing viewers to make their own minds up about whether Reggie should continue to remain in prison. Thus on the one hand, we see Roberta Kray, Reggie's wife of nearly four years, poignantly leafing through the wedding photographs that she has been forbidden by the authorities to show to anyone else or even copy. It is, she points out, just a small example of how the British justice system treats her husband differently to any other prisoner simply by dint of who he is. On the other hand we see a former Kray victim telling us how he was burnt and tortured by Ronnie and leaving us in no doubt that is more than happyfor Reggie to remain in prison.

This neatly sums up the pro Reggie side of tonight's documentary - namely that Reggie unlike his brother, was/is not psychotically deranged and continues to carry the can for his brother's actions, for who he was and the celebrity he has since become. Emphasising this point, John Pearson, biographer to the Krays, reads a grisly passage from his book detailing how Reggie's came to murder of Jack "The Hat" Mcvitie as a result of a situation instigated by Ronnie which snowballed out of control. Confirming this version is first hand testimony from The Lambrianou brothers who were both handed fifteen year sentences for the murder. Tony, a friend of mine, tells of the shock of what happened and how he drove the body away in the back seat of his car whilst his brother Chris, punctuates the programme with eloquent, frequently moving accounts of the night in question, prison life and how it can change a man. Musing about how times have changed since Reggie was first put inside he looks to Mcdonalds for inspiration: "A Big Mac was a coat you wore and a chip was something you put in your mouth". Perhaps the most relevant and objective opinion expressed in the show comes from the obligatory egghead in the form of consultant psychiatrist Doctor Trevor Turner who, having professionally assessed Reggie, confirms that he is a long way from mad and is in fact simply an old man in his late sixties who is becoming hard of hearing. The last word though should go to Reggie's wife Roberta who I phoned last night for a quote and who seems saner than the lot of us: "Justice should mean that everyone is equal in the eyes of the law - it is wrong to have one rule for the majority of people and another one for Reggie Kray."

So should Reggie, having spent nearly thirty two years inside for murder, be released from prison? The decision is yours - except that it's not.


A message was sent to the Home Office recently by Maria Henry. This is what she had to say:

 Message: To whom it may concern, I've known Reg for over 8yrs now and only ask why would a man like Reg Kray bother to keep in touch with a 14yr old boy with an incurable illness which will one day kill him.

and another message from her went on to say:

Message: Following my last Email, would he take time to do the things he's done for my 14yr old son if he's the Evil Man they say he is or is it just for Publicity for his own mean's. I do not believe this is so, he's done more for my son than anybody else I know and Reg still remains in Prison with no hope, no future. My question is Why?

Now we all know the Home Office don't really give a damn about what is written to them so they would never bother to enquire about this but I give a damn so I asked Maria (I hope she doesn't mind) and she said:

I've known Reg for about 8 yrs met him through my brother. My son has Duchenne's Muscular Dystrophy a muscle wasting disease, Reg has raised money in the past for electric wheelchair ,sent him to Florida for holiday before he stopped walking. Reg has always kept in touch and never missed Paul's birthday and once again Reg is trying to help me raise more money for another wheelchair which Paul is outgrowing and needs another. Reg has always no matter what tried to help myself and Paul in everyway. Reg treats Paul like a grandson and has done more for Paul than anybody else I know and I'll always be grateful to Reg for this. Thank's for your Email and please keep in touch .Maria

Thanks Maria, I wish you all the luck in the world!


Congratulations to our friend Earnie Shavers for being awarded the aclaim of the hardest hitter of the century.
Earnie received this award on 10th of February 2000 in the USA
God bless
friends, Reg and Rob Kray

Earnie Shavers fought Muhammed Ali for the Heavyweight Championship of the World but lost after a grueling 15 rounds .
Ali was to say later.. "
He hit me so hard he shook up my kinfolk back in Africa"


On Sunday 6th of February The People newspaper reported "A SHOCK TV documentary is to call for the release of notorious East End gangster Reggie Kray.
The C4 Cutting Edge special on Thursday, February 17, called Reggie Kray questions why the mobster is still in jail despite serving 30 years for killing Jack "the hat" McVitie. It also goes on to say "A C4 source source said "Why is he being treated differently than virtually every other criminal. He is also bewildered that IRA killers, who murdered innocent children , have walked free"……..

Let us hope that this documentary paves the way for Reg's freedom….


I would like to thank you sincerely for the magnitude of your gesture in thanking me via Sky TV after your fight in Manchester. You must have had so much on your mind at that moment in time yet you still remembered me. I consider your gesture the highest accolade of respect I have received. At a time when I was at a low ebb you restored my faith in humanity. We in England know you as a sincere, caring person. A personal letter will follow this public message. You are in my thoughts and prayers.
God Bless,
Reg Kray



A response from Reg Kray....25/1/2000
The BBC 2 documentary 'Trouble between the covers' revealed Dave Courtney and Piers Hernu (of FRONT magazine) planning to illicitly record an interview with me, and take photographs with a hidden camera, inside Wayland prison.

I had absolutely no knowledge of these plans.

The visit took place a year ago and I have had no indication until now of what actually occurred that day.
At no time was I informed either before or after the event. Under no circumstances would I have agreed to it.

This idiocy has caused me considerable problems at Wayland prison. All my normal visitors, who have nothing to hide, will be under intense and discomforting scrutiny from now on.

I can only reach the conclusion that this documentary was made purely out of self interest and with total disregard for the consequences.......Reg Kray


From Reg Kray ....24/1/200
In response to the recent Carlton documentary made in colusion with Fred Foreman, I would like to mention that despite being entitled 'The Krays' I was never consulted at any stage about this this programme.

I would also like to state that Ron, Charlie and I were acquitted of the Mitchell murder in 1969
........Reg Kray

Cancerous newspaper reports

The News of the World article written by Ian Edmondson and published on 16th of January claimed that Reg is suffering from stomach cancer.


There have been a number of similarly false reports by this newspaper over recent weeks.
Irresponsible and inaccurate reports such as these are very distressing not only to Reg but also to his family, friends and supporters.
Reg would like to give his reassurance that he is not seriously ill and to thank everyone for their concern.

Mike Tyson and Reg Kray

Mike Tyson says (10/1/2000) "They treat me like a dog in America but I have friends like Reggie Kray in England."
Tyson, ready to fly to England for his fight with Julius Francis has spoken out about his treatment by the American people..."In America even a lot of the black people treat me like a dog. But when I was in prison I got 50 letters a day from England.
He goes on to say..."The difference is that the British people understand me. There is a different mentality in England. They know where I'm coming from. They know its no fun being one of the black minority.
Reggie Kray knew what I was going through...He came from the people, and even though he was a killer the people still loved him and his brothers. The Kray family funerals proved that. The people of East London came out on the streets to show their respect...I like that, we are where we come from."

this extract was taken from the Daily Mail (10/1/2000)

A message to Ronnie Biggs from Reg Kray

Ronnie Biggs, one of the Great Train robbers has suffered another stroke that has left him paralysed and needing constant attention...The latest pictures of him show that he is a shadow of his former self and cannot talk coherently or even manage to feed himself...
Reg Kray wishes to pass on his respects to Ronnie and his family and says..."Dear Ron, I wish you all the best and a very speedy recovery from your recent illness, regards to you and your family".

Here is a picture of Ron that was taken some time last year. This is the lovable rogue that we all know, the man who beat the system. Get well soon Ron.

As Reg completes his 31st Christmas in prison, December 1999 he has this message for you all:


I would like to thank everyone that has supported me on the web site and as they play out
AULD LANG SYNE, I will be thinking of you all....God Bless....
Reg Kray

No release for Reg 

It has been reported in many newspapers today, December 23rd 1999 that the Ulster Secretary Peter Mandelson is to release 139 killers and bombers in Northern Ireland as part of the peace process. Only 5 will remain in the notorious Maize prison. Those 5 are members of the LVF who have refused to sign the Good Friday peace agreement.

Terrorists who have been convicted of the most terrible crimes are being allowed out after serving only a few years of their sentences...Most of these 139 were 'qualified' for Christmas release. The following were 'not qualified' for christmas release but Mandelson said they were being released as a goodwill gesture. "It is in recognition of the remarkable political progress made in recent weeks and as a confidence-building gesture by the British Government."

James McArdle, serving 25 years for the Canary Wharf bombing only 3 years ago
Sean Kelly, killed 9 people in the Shankill Road bombing (1993)
Michael Stone, murdered 3 at an IRA funeral (1998)

It is also reported that the prison which held them is to be closed down by the end of next year.
So there are no real continguency plans if the worst happens.

What I cannot understand is the leniency shown towards these terrorists while Reg Kray rots in prison. He has served his recommended 30 year sentence and more, no Christmas release for him....No goodwill gesture for him.

The chances of Reg re-offending again are nil. The chances of some of the terrorists (released over the past couple of years) returning to their old ways are great. It will only take a minor disagreement for them to revert back to their old ways and the British Government are supplying them with the manpower....

Reg Kray should be released immediately and if the Government or the Parole Board have any real compassion then this will happen!.....But I wouldn't hold my breath.

The Winter Classic Bodybuilding Show...December 12th 1999
This event sponsored by Reg Kray will take place at The Academy Theatre. Union Street, Plymouth.

Tickets are £12 each. For ticket sales and Entries contact Pete Tansey 01752 268291 0r Mark Ford 0589631422

Check out the Flyer!

Campaign Cocktail".....Have a drink for Reg. 31 years in prison

You may have read an article in the News of the World (7/11/99) about Reggie launching his own brand of wine to help in the campaign for his release.....The article may have been humorous to some people but as ever tries to mislead the public as to the facts.

The bottle and its labelling as depicted in the newspaper were purely to get a cheap laugh at Reg's expense.

The truth , however, is that Reg has released his own brand of wine ..

'The Campaign Cocktail, a sparkling continental perry, has been produced to help highlight Reg's continued incarceration. Each bottle comes with a photograph of Reg on the label and the words Still behind bars this Millenium. We are hoping that everyone who supports the campaign will raise a glass to him this Christmas and at the Millenium celebrations.

Campaign Cocktail is available direct to pubs, clubs and restaurants..
£40 per case (12 x 75cl bottles). Free delivery in London and Essex.

There is also a mail order facility for individual cases. Please ring 01279 438 007 (between 10am-4pm, or leave a message anytime) for further information.

Limited stock! This offer is for UK only.

Check out the Flyer!

FUN LOVIN' CRIMINALS have teamed up with Reggie Kray to produce an album of his song lyrics. Huey said after meeting Reg in prison "Reggie is a man without a voice, and I'm going to give him the voice that he needs."
"Although all of the band and some guests, will be involved,it is not thought at the moment that the release will be under the banner of Fun Lovin' Criminals."
For the complete article see
Melody Maker, issue september 18 1999.

Charlie Kray has been moved (20/8/99) to Parkhurst prison on the Isle of Wight after asking for a move further South.....

For information on how to join "The Reg Kray Supporters club" write to:

The Reg Kray Supporters club
P.O. Box 56
IP25 6JY

It has been pointed out to us that certain companies in Australia have been exploiting the Kray name.

We would like to make it clear that no company in Australia or any other country have been given permission by the Krays to use the Kray name for any of their products or business activities. Anyone doing so is doing it without their consent.

Charlie Kray has now been returned to Frankland prison where he is recovering from his recent illness. He and his family thank you for your messages of support.

Best wishes to him and his family from all his supporters.

Charlie Kray taken to hospital with suspected heart attack!
It has been reported in some newspapers today (28/7/99) that Charlie Kray is fighting for his life after suffering a suspected heart attack.
He has not had a heart attack or a stroke but is suffering from a very bad chest infection.

Although he is very poorly his condition is said to be stable.
Charlie was taken from top security prison Frankland in Durham to Dryburn Hospital where he is recovering.
Charlie, now 73 was sentenced in 1997 to 12 years for his part in a drugs plot. A sting that was concocted by the police to secure his arrest!
We wish him a speedy recovery!
I will give you more news when I have it.

Audio tape of Reg Kray from his prison cell at Wayland Prison
We have just added an audio track to the 'Message for the Authorities ' section.
When a message is sent you can listen to a personal message from Reg Kray to all of his suppoters.

It was recently recorded at Wayland Prison, Norfolk where Reg is still imprisoned after 31 years. Click here to go straight to 'Message for the Authorities ' or 'Back ' to the home page

Reg's Release
In The Sunday Mirror dated 18/7/1999 and the News Of The World dated 11/7/1999 We were told that Reg was going to be released in the not too distant future. However I am sorry to say that it isn't true.
Below is an official press release from Reg's lawyer

It has been reported in more than one newspaper that Reg Kray will shortly be moved to another prison and may be released in February or March of next year. This is not the case.
In a letter to Reg's solicitor, dated 7th July 1999, the prison Service stated, "As of this time....there is no plan to move him."
Reg's next parole review will commence March 2000 when the Board will sit to consider his eligibility for transfer to an open prison.

End of Press release

31 years ago on 16th of July America landed the first men on the moon. Since then the world and its technologies have changed beyond belief.

By this time Reg had been in prison just over a year and remains there to this day. This also is beyond belief.

Wake up Jack Straw!


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