The Firm

The Kray 'Firm' consisted of the Colonel Ronnie Kray, his twin brother Reg Kray, Ronnie Hart their cousin, Albert Donoghue, Ian Barrie, Pat Connolly, Big Tommy Brown, known as the Bear, Billy Donovan, Connie Whitehead, Sammy Lederman, Dave simmonds, Nobby Clark, Scotch Jack Dickson, John Barry, Tony and Chris Lambrianou and Ronnie Bender.

Charlie Kray didn't play a big part in the Firm and was often left out of many of the Twins enterprises, he was however, a partner in the Double R club and ran others.

Leslie Payne and Tommy Cowley were the brains of the outfit, often giving credibility and respectability to many of their dubious deals.

Some gang members were recruited after acts of violence had been inflicted upon them by the Twins. For example Albert Donoghue had been shot in the leg by Reg for uttering a threat against them, weeks later he was welcomed into the Firm and put on a pension. He became one of their most trusted members.

The Firm worked on an information basis. The Twins would always help small time crooks who had just been released from prison or when they were down on their luck in return for favours in the future. They were to be the eyes and ears of the Kray Firm. Nothing happened in London without the Twins knowing or without them getting their piece of the action.

The Firm also worked on a sort of franchise system where certain members of the gang, such as Tony and Chris Lambrianou, who would use the Kray name and reputation to conduct their business activities. The Lambrianou brothers operated all over the country content in the knowledge that they had the backing and the muscle of the Firm. The Twins weren't interested in what they were doing so long as they received their percentage.

Martin Short summed up the Firm beautifully when he said in his book 'The Kray's Lieutenant', "With the benefit of hindsight, it seems astonishing that the Firm lasted as long as it did. It was brilliantly organised in an instinctive way, but hopelessly disarrayed when it came to expansion".

It was felt by many that if the Twins had taken more of a back seat when it came to settling disputes, and recruited more able business partners then the history of gangland Britain would probably have to be rewritten.

However, The Twins eventual downfall came about with the help of many of the "loyal and trusted" members of their the Firm.


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