"As human beings, we have all got our failings, and one day we will all be judged.
I feel sure that I won't be lonely on my journey, wherever it may lead"....
Reggie Kray --- Born Fighter

Almost three generations have been born since Ron and Reg Kray were incarcerated. They were sentenced to life imprisonment for the murders of gangsters, George Cornell and Jack 'The Hat' McVitie, with a recommendation that they serve at least 30 years. Ronnie Kray, after serving almost 28 years, suffered a heart attack in prison and died. Sadly, Reg has also died. He was released from prison after serving more than 32 years. He was a forgotten man, left to rot by the authorities, hoping he too would die without being released.

The purpose of this website was to inform these new generations of Reggie's plight and let them decide whether justice was being done. Some of them had heard of the Krays and assumed that they knew the truth, many had never heard of them at all. But all of them had an opinion and they voiced it here in the 'Kray Kampaign' section of the website.

As history will recall, the opinions of the general public made through this website made it quite clear that they believed Reg should have been released many, many years ago and that his continued incarceration was politically motivated.

Only with the passing of time shall the whole truth be known.

This website, itself now part of Kray history will continue to update and inform on Kray related matters.

With the death of Reg, the last remaining member of the Kray family, another chapter has closed....but this is not the end of the story.

Our aim is to tell the Kray story as it was. It is not meant to lay blame, or to glorify the Krays in any way. Simply put, This is what happened .......


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